New Nintendo patent reveals weird, U-shaped controller



A newly discovered Nintendo patent reveals the company’s plans for a weird, U-shaped controller that’s meant to be used for exercise and training.

The controller patent is described as a “Training System and Input Device”, and has a U-shape with two grips connected by a “strain element”. The controller is meant to be gripped and pulled by the user in an exercise, which will be monitored by a “load sensor”.

According to the patent, the device is used “when a user applies force so as to bring the two grips towards each other or applies force so as to separate the two grips, the load thereof is detected by the load sensor.”

The patent was originally filed in 2014 in Japan and 2015 internationally. It was officially published by World Intellectual Property Organization yesterday.

You can check out more figures of the contraption below. Keep in mind that just because Nintendo got the patent, it doesn’t mean this will see the light of day.



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