New Nintendo NX rumor suggests more powerful than PS4



As Nintendo continues its radio silence on the Nintendo NX, more and more rumors are cropping up about the console. Last week we shared a pair of convincing photos that seemed to showcase a leaked NX controller, but it turns out they were an elaborate fake done by one guy with a 3D printer and an idea based on a patent filed by Nintendo.

Now, a supposed AAA developer has posted to the Nintendo NX subreddit, suggesting that he has a devkit that he’s been using for several months now. Since there’s no way to verify this information as authentic, everything said here should be taken with a proper grain of salt.

Aside from confirming that the leaked controller is fake, here’s what this developer had to say about his NX devkit:

Our devkit’s controller:

  • Doesn’t have an oval screen. Ours is a standard rectangle.
  • Has physical buttons with a screen behind them. It doesn’t have a form shifting screen, nor does it have a touchscreen with haptic feedback.
  • Is hardwired to the devkit, which looks like a boring black box with some USB ports and a disc drive.
  • However, that fake does get a couple things right. It does have scroll wheel shoulder buttons, but in addition to them it also has two regular shoulder buttons labeled ZL and ZR. It also has a headphone jack in the bottom of the controller.

Some other things I can tell you:

  • I don’t know if the NX is backwards compatible with the Wii U or 3DS or not, but it doesn’t look like it is. The system is different enough from both that I think it would be hard to play games from other consoles.
  • The controller is sort of a game system in its own, but it’s not a replacement for the 3DS. It works like a companion app on a phone, and you can take it with you and control some things from your game, like how the VMU on the Dreamcast let you take a Chao with you and train it.
  • No one outside Nintendo knows what the NX’s name is. It’s still the NX here internally.

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