New details about Twilight Princess HD’s amiibo support detailed



Last week we showed you several new scans of a Famitsu article on the upcoming release of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, which is slated to hit store shelves on March 4. While we already know that the game will be sold in a standalone package as well as bundled with the Wolf Link amiibo, we have very few details on what that amiibo will do, until now.

Translators of the original Famitsu scans have finally surfaced, giving us some idea about what the Wolf Link amiibo and other figures will do in the game. As we reported earlier, the Wolf Link amiibo will unlock an exclusive dungeon in the game, though the translation provides a more nuanced title than just Twilight Cave. The cave is loosely called, “Thorough Battle: Trial of the Beast.”

According to the translation, clearing this dungeon with the Giant Wallet in your inventory will net you the Bottomless Wallet with a carry limit of up to 9,999 rupees, up from the 1,000 allowed by the Giant Wallet. The dungeon sounds less of something you’d explore for new content and more of a challenge area, which we suppose is okay since such an uproar was had over figure-based DLC content.

So what about the other Zelda-themed amiibos that have been released? Well, according to the translation, these amiibo will be limited to one scan a day, similarly to how they function in Hyrule Warriors. They’ll give you bonuses according to what they are as well.

  • Link & Toon Link – Replenish all arrows
  • Zelda & Sheik – Replenish all hearts
  • Ganondorf – Create bigger challenge by doubling enemy damage

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