More rumors suggest Wii U remasters for the Nintendo NX



Earlier this week we reported on a rumor from Emily Rogers, a well-known leaker of insider Nintendo information. Rogers stated that she has information about Wii U games being considered as ports to the Nintendo NX and while she deleted those initial tweets, yesterday she went back to work to discuss some of the games that are potentially part of this rumor.

Rogers tweeted yesterday to say that there are at least four known Wii U ports in development, but there are some problems that may lead them not to be released. Zelda Wii U and Super Smash Bros. are all but confirmed according to Roger’s tweets, but Super Mario Maker and Splatoon are still up in the air, likely due to how the games control and how a port would split the user base for those two games.


Keep in mind that leaks from Rogers aren’t official and while she has been right on numerous occasions about some of the details she’s discussed, nothing is official until Nintendo makes it official. What do you think about the potential for the Wii U’s best games to be ported to the Nintendo NX?

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