Meet surreal horror FPS Inner Chains


innerchains.jpgI’d been so used to ignoring most FPS games of the past couple decades, I must admit catching myself spending hours upon hours on Superhot and Devil Daggers was thoroughly shocking. And it only got worse from there…

I’ve actually been eagerly waiting for news on surreal, biomechanical horror shooter Inner Chains for quite some time, and now can’t help but urge you to visit its Kickstarter campaign and gawk at the wonderful horrors exhibited there while imagining what it’d feel like travelling through the nightmarish, gorgeous and completely alien vistas the game so obviously enjoys crafting for our playing pleasure. It’d be lovely if you could help developers Telepaths Tree reach their funding goal too, as this is an otherworldly FPS that simply must exist.

Inner Chains by Telepaths Tree will launch for PC (and those VR things) in June 2016 and a pledge of $15 will secure you a copy upon release. You can also vote for it on Steam Greenlight.


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