Max Payne Shootdodges Onto PlayStation 4 This Friday


Remedy might be focused on the Xbox One and PC these days, but once upon a time, the studio’s games lived elsewhere. One of its best titles, Max Payne, was on PlayStation 2 (as well as Xbox and PC).

You’ll be able to relive Max’s tragic tale this Friday, according to the PlayStation Blog UK. Remedy’s bullet time-infused hardboiled noir tale is headed for a PlayStation 4 re-release.

Like other games that have received this treatment, expect a bit of spit and polish. This likely includes 1080p upscaling, trophy support, and utilization of all PlayStation 4 features like streaming and Share Play.

No price has been confirmed, but other PlayStation 2 games making the jump to PS4 have been priced from $9.99 to $14.99.

[Source: PlayStation Blog EU]


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