Mass Effect: Andromeda – Everything you need to know


Wait. Why isn’t this called “Mass Effect 4?” Well, that’s down to the fact that the story of Commander Shepard, the face and gender-swapping hero we all knew and loved, is truly over. The Mass Effect trilogy isn’t getting a confusing fourth instalment, then – rather it’s becoming the basis for a Star Wars-like universe of games. Bioware’s been insistent that, while Andromeda takes place after the events of ME3, it’s not a sequel to that game in the story sense. 

What it seems to be, however, is a deeply exciting fresh spin on the Mass Effect action-RPG-adventure formula, not just taking inspiration from the old games but seemingly from Bioware’s other fantasy universe, Dragon Age (which has pulled the ‘new characters years later’ trick more than once) too. It’s set to hit in December 2016 – let’s see what we have in store.