Ludum Dare 34 winners announced: Slash Quest and Frank & Stein

ld34winners.pngThe rating period for Ludum Dare 34 (themes Growing and Two Button Controls) has ended. The overall quality of entries has been high this time around, so you should check out all of the results, but here are the overall winners for the 72-hour Jam and 48-hour Compo divisions.

Slash Quest
Windows, Mac | by Big Green Pillow and Mgaia

slashquest.jpgThis clever action game shows its two button controls right out of the gate. Press A to spin your sword left, D to spin it right, and hold them both to move in the direction the sword is pointing. The more things you cut down, though, the longer the sword grows, and some things are impervious to the sword’s swings, shortening it if you hit them too much. It’s fun, adorable, and entirely too short.

Frank & Stein
Web, Windows, Linux | by Thomas Olsson

frankandstein.jpgThis is an interesting platformer in which the player controls two characters which are connected together. They must stay close to each other which avoiding dangers, but they can’t be moved simultaneously. One button moves one character, one moves the other, and pushing both makes the one fellow shoot the gun he’s holding.

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