Limitless: "Finale: Part 1!" Review



The Legion of Whom… or Why?

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow.

As the penultimate episode of Season 1, this week’s Limitless shook things up big time by making NZT public knowledge, spurring an all-out crime wave in New York City. This was also the first episode since the pilot (basically) that Brian’s ties with the FBI were completely cut off, for good this time. And even though Brian was living with his parents again and working at an electronic store (which felt very Chuck-esque), he wasn’t completely alone thanks to Rebecca’s communication with him on the sly.

From the moment DEA Agent Adam Brewster (Jacob Pitts) hit the scene, it was pretty obvious he was a traitor working with either Morra or Sands’ “Legion of Whom” (great name, by the way). Seriously, the CJC needs to crack down on their screening process when it comes to new consultants, especially after Sands even said Morra’s men were after him on the inside. Regardless, Brewster made a decent foil this week, along with the “Apocryphon” conspiracy, which kept both Brian and Rebecca plenty busy.

But I think my personal favorite part of this episode was Brian getting back into the NZT world from the outside, thanks to his new buddy Grover. The NZT party in particular was a highlight in this, I thought, and it was fun to see how other people were using the drug for their own eccentric means. (T-Swift/Illuminati, anyone?) I also got a kick out of Brian finally addressing the elephant on the show: “Actually, that’s just a myth, that whole ’10 percent’ thing.” Awesome.

“Finale: Part 1!” didn’t offer much in the way of the Legion of Whom, at least in-person, but I was glad to see the show didn’t abandon it as part of the plot. In addition to Brian’s own investigation — which was easily the most entertaining aspect of this episode — his storyline dovetailed nicely with Rebecca following her own leads with Brewster, culminating in the revelation that the Legion of Whom was in fact Eddie Morra’s remaining operatives. Which, for the time being anyway, will likely shift the FBI’s focus to Sands and the Legion of Whom, rather than Eddie.

Meanwhile, we still don’t know where Piper is, but I assume she’ll be playing a big part in next week’s finale. Part of me wonders if she too is now a double-agent working for either Morra or Sands, but in any case she alone holds the key to the enzyme, which at this point Brian desperately needs if he wants to continue using NZT. I also wonder if we’ve seen the last of Clay Meeks, aka “Apocryphon,” who could still be in league with either side.

The Verdict

Part one of the Limitless season finale started out big, with NZT hitting the streets again and going public. This episode also kicked off Brian’s post-CJC days, working on the outside to infiltrate Sands’ Legion of Whom. And while said crime organization is now kaput, Eddie, Sands, Piper and now Brewster are all potentially “wild cards” that could permanently change the landscape of the show, especially going into a potential Season 2. That said, we still have one whole episode to go before we find out how everything will go down in the end.

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