Life & farming sim World's Dawn now complete and available on Steam


7GyrOUx.pngWhen World’s Dawn, a farming/life sim in the vein of Harvest Moon, first came to my attention in May of 2014, it was only partly done. Developer Wayward Prophet had just released the first episode, the spring season, as freeware. They released the summer and fall seasons, then ran a Kickstarter to fund improved aesthetics and quality assurance. Now the winter season is available, completing the experience, and although it’s no longer freeware, it is available on Steam and has a demo.

The aesthetic changes are subtle; most of them aren’t apparent at a glance, though they do give it a more unified feel overall. The most obvious change is in the character portraits. The game now also sports a custom soundtrack.

World’s Dawn is currently 10% off it’s regular price of $12.99 on Steam and is for Windows only. The demo can be downloaded from the game’s web site.


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