Knuckle Sandwich Trailer Shows How Players Will Be Delivering Knuckle Sandwiches



Knuckle Sandwich, an RPG about players shirking work at a crummy part-time job to find the source of some missing persons, has revealed some tidbits about its combat system, letting players know how they’ll be delivering knuckle sandwiches to their enemies’ faces (or giant noses) in a new trailer.

The game will feature a few sliding bars during regular attacks, so players will need to time their hits in order to deal a decent amount of damage to the silly creatures that want them dead. Special attacks, however, will use their own minigames to increase damage and hits, turning bloody fights into fun diversions. Why not add in a little Warioware touch when you want to beat down gymnasts, slimes, and bats?

If lighthearted, yet complex RPG combat sounds up your alley, you can head on over to the game’s site and sign up to know when you’ll be able to get a little taste of the gameplay yourself.

For more information on Knuckle Sandwich and Andrew Brophy, you can head to the game’s site or follow them on YouTube, Twitter, and TIGSource.


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