Is Monolith Productions working on a Nintendo NX title?



The team behind Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor may be bringing their next title to the Nintendo NX, if a recent job listing is any indication. The job listing is for a Quality Assurance Manager for the studio and some of the qualifications suggest that a future release could be available on a Nintendo platform. The criteria include knowledge of certification standards for Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

Knowledge of certification standards for Microsoft (TCR compliance), Sony (TRC compliance), or Nintendo (Lot Check).

While we don’t know specifically what Monolith Productions is working on right now, it’s rumored that they’re producing a sequel to Shadow of Mordor, which was highly successful. Perhaps it will appear on Nintendo’s latest platform? We won’t know until later this year when the NX is announced, but could this be the year that third-parties finally support Nintendo again?

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