'I’m Not A Big Fan Of Xbox One And A Half,' Says Xbox Boss Phil Spencer


During Microsoft’s Build 2016 Developer Conference, Xbox
boss Phil Spencer held a small roundtable to discuss the changes coming
to Xbox One and Windows gaming. During that chat, the rumors of PlayStation 4.5 and a possible Xbox counterpart came up. Spencer offered his own thoughts on the gossip and how it could apply to Xbox One and re-emphasizing earlier sentiments about the possibility of upgrading your Xbox One.

not a big fan of Xbox One and a half. If we’re going to move forward, I
want to move forward in big numbers,” Spencer said. “I don’t know
anything about any of the rumors that are out there, but
I can understand other teams’ motivations to do that. For us, our box
is doing well. It performs, it’s reliable, the servers are doing well.
If we’re going to go forward with anything, like I said, I want it to be
a really substantial change for people – an upgrade.”

speculation surrounding PlayStation 4.5 are in relation to its upcoming
VR push and the possible need for more power that some believe could result in 4K gaming (we’re not so sure). Microsoft has no current
plans to support VR on Xbox One, but we did speak with Xbox’s head of
advanced technology group, Jason Ronald, about the possibility of VR or
HoloLens support. You can read that story here.

Forthe full roundtable discussion with Phil Spencer, head here.


Our Take
The PlayStation 4.5 rumors are still very much that – rumors. Without knowing very much, or if it even is a real thing, I prefer Spencer’s take on the matter. The advantage of consoles is they don’t require frequent upgrading, and it seems Spencer feels the same way.


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