Hunt Down Murderous Produce in Potato Thriller



“The Potato Man is one of the most notorious serial killers around.”

How am I even supposed to follow that up?

As Quindalin, your job is to hunt down the Potato Man through surreal environments in Potato Thriller, thwarting the vile tuber’s efforts to deep fry the populace. Originally designed as a joke on P.T., the game has somehow gotten even stranger, tasking players to dodge deadly enemies and traps across its bizarre landscapes. Lives are on the line, so get to it. In this world, potatoes don’t seek the truth – they only want blood.

For more information on Potato Thriller and developer Samer Khatib, you can head to the developer’s site or follow them on Youtube, Twitter, and GameJolt. The game is also looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.


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