Heroes Of The Storm Trailer Puts Spotlight On Tracer's Time-Warp Abilities


Tracer is the first Overwatch character to be added to Heroes of the Storm. In anticipation of her arrival this month, Blizzard has revealed a character trailer focusing specifically on her time-bending powers.

The video describes Tracer as “extremely mobile and dangerous.” Blink, one of her abilities, allows her to speedily dash from one area to another. Recall, a teleporting power that rewinds time, returns her to a previous position from a few seconds ago. Tracer will have access to only one heroic ability called Pulse Bomb. At level 10, you can choose one of three options to upgrade it, including Quantum Spike, Pulse Rounds, and Sticky Bomb.

For those that pre-order Overwatch: Origins Edition on PC through, they will receive Tracer before anyone else on April 19. For everyone else, she will be available beginning April 26. The Overwatch open beta begins May 3. Heroes of the Storm has included characters from other games as well, such as Diablo’s The Butcher and King Leoric.


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