Here's When Game of Thrones Season Six Begins


HBO on Thursday announced that the sixth season of Game of Thrones will begin April 24. Before this, all HBO had said was that it would debut sometime in April.

Marketing and promotional material for Game of Thrones‘ latest season has suggested that the character Jon Snow may return, though whether this actually happens remains to be seen.

April 24 is also the date that the latest seasons of Veep and Silicon Valley will return.

BREAKING: @GameOfThrones, @VeepHBO, and @SiliconHBO return to #HBO on April 24th. #TCA16 pic.twitter.com/N0vTVtcJIP

— HBO (@HBO) January 7, 2016

In other Game of Thrones news, author George R.R. Martin has delayed the next A Song of Ice and Fire book, The Winds of Winter. This means that, in a rare move, TV viewers will be ahead of readers in some cases.

Martin has not said when the book will be done.

Telltale’s video game franchise based on Game of Thrones is unsurprisingly getting a second season, CEO Kevin Bruner confirmed in November. The sixth and final episode in the first season, The Ice Dragon, was released on November 17.

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