Gunscape Coming March Second


The FPS toolbox Gunscape, from Blowfish Studios, will be coming on PS4, XBox One, Windows, Mac and Linux on March 2, 2016, according to the Australian developer. A WiiU release is scheduled to come in the second quarter of the year.

The simultaneous release of the title will encourage players to create and share their own first-person shooter campaigns using the game’s block-based interface. They will be able to place traps, enemies, bosses, items, and more throughout a world of their design, then share their creations across all available platforms – according to the developer it is the first game to allow sharing of user content among players on XBox One, PS4, WiiU, PC, Mac, and Linux.

It will feature online multiplayer with up to 20 players, as well as split-screen local multiplayer. Eight players will be able to play locally on PC and XBox One, with the WiiU allowing for five players and the PS4 four. Also featured will be a campaign mode of the developers’ design. This will contain eight levels with three boss fights, and can be played solo or multiplayer.

According to Benjamin Lee, CEO of Blowfish Studios, “Thanks to the cross platform sharing no matter what you’re playing on, you’ll be able to access the very best content the Gunscape community has to offer. With the combined imaginations of gamers on six platforms as the only limit, Gunscape will always offer fresh content.”

Currently available in Steam Early Access and free to play, the game uses its block-based world building to invoke the look and feel of classic fast-paced FPS titles. The variety of design options is intended to allow players the freedom to use that inspiration and build upon that while still having a great deal of creative freedom.

The cross-platform sharing is, to me, the part that makes Gunscape most interesting. If it works out well, it could definitely wind up being a fun time sink for anybody who wants to try their hand at making FPS levels and worlds. Players who are simply interested in classic, fast-paced FPS gameplay might also want to keep an eye on the game, as it may be able to scratch that itch nicely.


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