Guitar Hero Player's Video Gets Taken Down By YouTube So He Re-Uploads It With A Capella Vocals


A Guitar Hero player was proud of his full combo of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Bark at the Moon” in Guitar Hero: Smash Hits, so he uploaded his playing of the song to his YouTube channel. Unfortunately, the audio of the classic metal song was picked up by YouTube’s copyright protection tools and his video was removed. Determined to show off his flawless run on the song, YouTuber GuitarHeroFailure re-uploaded the video with his own audio.

In the new version of the video, GuitarHeroFailure provides his own audio to the classic Ozzy Osbourne track. It’s the kind of thing where you really need to see and hear it for yourself, which you can do below. If you want the full experience, turn closed captions on.

GuitarHeroFailure posted a follow-up video today thanking everyone for checking out the “Bark at the Moon” video. He also explains how he felt upon seeing how popular his video had become while he was at school. To see that video, you can head here.

[Source: GuitarHeroFailure on YouTube]


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