Get New MOBA Fractured Space For Free This Weekend


You can add one more MOBA to your hard drive this weekend without spending a dime. Fractured Space, a new tactical space MOBA from Edge Case Games, will be free on Steam today through next Monday.

It’s still in Early Access, but anyone who downloads Fractured Space this weekend will be able to keep it forever at no additional cost. The game’s latest update advances the progression system to its final version and everything earned and unlocked in this version will transfer to the complete game.

The update has also reset all players to level 1, so everyone can start building their fleet of intergalactic capital ships on a level playing field. This will help in balancing Fractured Space’s team-based space combat.

You can pick it up on its Steam page or watch the newest trailer here, which details the game’s Unreal Engine 4 capabilities. Fractured Space will release its full version later this year.


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