Gears Of War 4 Action Figures Coming From McFarlane Toys This Year


While we’re not sure yet if they can hold a roadie run stance, Gears of War 4 action figures are on the way. The company announced that it will be bringing collectibles based on the game’s characters to market alongside the game this holiday.

We don’t have any images yet, but we do have some basic specs. The figures will stand at approximately seven inches. There are an average 15 points of articulation across the line.

Additionally, the Gears of War 4 figures will come in McFarlane’s new collector boxes. Price point has not been announced, but the company’s other six- to seven-inch figures retail for approximately $16 each.

McFarlane Toys has created figures based on Assassin’s Creed, The Walking Dead, and Halo. Whether the company will continue with the latter in the wake of Mattel’s new, broader license is unknown.


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