Gamers run petition against reviewer for giving Uncharted 4 a 4/10



A new Internet petition wants to remove Washington Post’s score from MetaCritic because it’s too low, apparently.

Reviewer Michael Thomsen from the Washington post did not like Uncharted 4 according to his review. And while he didn’t give the game a score, his publication reported the score to MetaCritic as a 4/10.

This has pissed off fans of the series, who started a (typo-filled) petition to remove the game’s score from MetaCritic. No other review has given the game less than 8/10.

Here’s what the petition, started by Dimitris Xoriko, wants:

“You should remove this review fro the metacritic , and post a new , sensible one that can justify its existence. Your [sic] Washington post for Christ’s Sake , not a 12-year-old’s diary. Treat the game with professionalism and respect.”

The petition has almost 5,000 signatures, including that of Uncharted 4 voice actor Troy Baker.

The reviewer has also been attacked at Twitter by angry fans of the game, as evident by the tweets (via Kotaku):



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