Four Sided Fantasy Takes a Left Turn, Might Not Hit Vita


Logan Fieth has posted up some news on the PlayStation Blog regarding the PlayStation 4 release of the title, and a reply in the comments has us worried about its Vita-bound fate.

When some news went up on the PlayStation Blog earlier today regarding Four Sided Fantasy coming to PlayStation 4, I got a little worried right off the hop. From my understanding, we knew it would be coming to PlayStation Vita since March of last year – but not a single mention of “Vita” was made in the entire post. Now it seems that my worries were very much founded, as a reply to one of the comments on the European blog (from developer Logan Fieth) looks to confirm;

“Unfortunately we had a change of plans (and publisher), which means that currently we can only confirm the PS4 and PC versions of the game. We’re not ruling it out yet, though!”

In a world where PlayStation Vita cancellations and vaporware are now a fairly regular occurrence (even if still a very small percentage), this comment doesn’t inspire much faith. These days it seems that a lot of people can’t even seem to get their game on Vita when they’re trying, and it really doesn’t help if you’re not actually trying at all.

If you want to see Four Sided Fantasy on Vita, I suggest you let Logan Fieth know – sending your hopes and dreams to his Twitter account via @Lo_Fi_.

Otherwise, I fear that you can simply drop the Four Sided bit and just call it what it is.


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