First wave of Sheldon’s Picks coming with Splatoon 2.7.0 update



During the last Nintendo Direct, we learned that the updates for Splatoon aren’t quite as finished as we thought. Two new updates are slated to be released, showcasing Sheldon’s Picks, which are weapons that will abilities and secondary attacks that differ from the main weapons we’ve seen so far.

The first of these picks will be released on April 12 starting at 4:50pm PST/7:50pm EST or April 13th for those in Europe. As always a few tweaks and improvements will make their way into the update as well. We’ve gotten a look at four of the weapons that will be available, courtesy of the official Splatoon Tumblr page.

The four new weapons that have been detailed are the Wasabi Splattershot, Berry Splattershot Pro, Fresh Squiffer, and Permanent Inkbrush.

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