Find a Samurai Master's Story in Your Wanderings Across the Peaceful World of Niten


658186478_preview_done (7).jpg

Niten gives players a remote Japanese island to explore, on PC or VR, letting them soak in the hidden stories and secrets as they explore. The narrative exploration game will have snippets of audio storyline within its bamboo forests and quiet shorelines, telling the tale of a samurai master and his orphan apprentice. These will be told in English or Japanese, and spoken by native speakers to preserve authenticity. Each story fragment you uncover will also unlock pages from a graphic novel, slowly collecting the game’s story in one place.

With this game created to be a new world for you to inhabit, the developers have also included a home and zen garden for you to take care of. You’ll be able to decorate or organize this small, personal place as you see fit, filling it with statues, unique collectibles, and other items. Niten is designed to be a place of peace and introspection, one that also contains an interesting story should players seek it out.

For more information on Niten and developer Donald MacDonald, you can head to the game’s site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The game is also looking for funding on Kickstarter.


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