Finally, what looks like the first footage of Pokémon Go

Pokmon Go is an in-development augmented reality smartphone app from the people behind the popular Google Ingress.


The Pokmon Company is yet to officially unveil any footage of it in action, but what appears to be the first gameplay has now been posted online.

A caveat – the footage was filmed off-screen, apparently at a SXSW Gaming festival talk over the weekend. John Hanke, boss of Pokmon Go and Ingress developer Niantic, was scheduled to speak at SXSW on the topic of AR games. So, while the footage has not been officially released, all signs point to it being legit.

The footage shows a user tracking down the Grass-type Pokmon Ivysaur in a real-life grassy area, then using a couple of different Pokballs to successfully capture him/her/it.