Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata Says 10 Million Copies Required To Break Even


With all of last night's information on Final Fantasy XV and its related entertainment projects, it was easy to forget for just a second how long this game has been in development. After a decade though, the expenses are piling up.

Director Hajime Tabata revealed this morning ambitious sales requirements for the title to break even. According to him, Square Enix needs to sell 10 million copies worldwide over the game's life to recover the publisher's enormous investment.

Square aannounced last year that the most popular game in the series to date, Final Fantasy VII, has sold 11 million units. This is inclusive of re-releases up to (but not including) the PlayStation 4 version.

[Source: Kotaku UK]


Our Take
There are two things to consider here. Square Enix has a good track record of extending the tail on its better games, like Final Fantasy VII. A PC release, for instance, would give FFXV a shot in the arm.

But there's something else to keep in mind. Square might very well be okay with taking a slight hit on Final Fantasy XV to make sure it's perfect. The series has fallen out of favor of late. It no longer has the cachet it once did. Spending more now to restore the franchise's luster makes sense.


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