Fan-created Super Mario Huddle game concept needs to exist



While Nintendo has seen fit to give Mario all sorts of sports to compete at including soccer, the one we haven’t seen is an American Football mash-up. One fan wanted to see what a Super Mario Football game might look like so he created his own. -SyBro on the Nintendo subreddit created these 3D renders that you see and proposed some ideas for how a Mario football game would work.

Dubbed Super Mario Huddle, -SyBro proposes a GameCube controller would work best to control the game with the following rules:

  • Classic 11v11, Arcade gameplay, no more than the basic rules apply
  • Item based 6v6. ?-boxes could be placed on a passing route, and completing a pass on that route gets you the box. As for the defenders, how about sacking the QB?
  • Coop: Second Player picks a star player to play as the Tight End. I think that makes for the most varied gameplay.

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