Fallout 4's unofficial patch nukes dozens of bugs


ARK space

This week on the Mod Roundup, modders tackle a ton of bugs in Fallout 4 with an unofficial patch that is sure to continue growing over the coming months. We’ve also got a hefty mod for Doom 3 that overhauls sound, lighting, UI, textures, meshes, and more, without making any changes to gameplay. Finally, some modders bring dinosaur bones—dangerously mobile dinosaur bones—to the surface of the moon in a full conversion mod for Ark: Survival Evolved.

Here are the most promising mods we’ve seen this week.

Fallout4 1

Nexusmods link

Well, this was certainly due to appear. This mod intends to become a massive, comprehensive collection of bug fixes for Bethesda’s RPG. Currently there are fixes for object placements, audio bugs, item issues, meshes and textures, quests and NPCs, perks and stats, and much more. It will continue to grow as more items are added. Here’s the complete changelog.