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Destiny has had a rocky, yet wildly successful opening two years. Exotics have been tweaked, Dinklebots have been replaced by Nolandroids, and players have completely run the existing content into the ground. After releasing three expansions (with one more on the way), the first entry in the Destiny series is coming to an end. But Guardians will get to pick up the fight for humanity against the Darkness in the full sequel, Destiny 2 (official title to be determined), which is due in 2017.

Details on the open-world shooter are slim at this point, as little official gameplay and development information has yet to surface. But we’ve poked around and scrounged up some juicy tidbits to sate your curiosity until a full announcement.

Destiny 2 has been delayed into 2017

Rumored to be titled Destiny 2: The Shattered Suns, the game was originally scheduled to hit Guardians’ consoles in September 2016 – just in time to start the Destiny series’ year 3 – but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. The shooter sequel has instead been pushed back to early 2017, seemingly giving Bungie a bit more breathing room to work on the promised smaller content updates (like the Sparrow Racing League) and a fourth expansion in 2016.

Along with the change in schedule, it looks like Bungie is altering the overall content release plan for the series in the future. The next Destiny game might not get as many expansions as the original. Instead, it looks like Bungie will release a full sequel on an annual schedule, with a large expansion to bridge the gap between releases.

Players can (probably) carry over their Destiny Guardian to Destiny 2

The original plan was for players to carry over their progress and characters through the life of the Destiny series. This means, if you started playing Destiny on day one, you could play as your same Guardian all the way through to Destiny X: Xur’s Kart Racing Mania (or whatever the year 10 Destiny game would be called). Then again, lots has been changing around Destiny, so we can’t totally confirm there will be character and progress transfers, yet.

Last year, Destiny’s Lead Engineer stated that over the planned ten-year life of the series “…your Guardian will always be there.” There has been no indication that transferring your Guardian to the new installment is impossible, so it’s probably still a thing. Character transfers are definitely a must-have, and we’re betting we will be continuing our particular Guardians’ stories in Destiny 2

The story might focus on Osiris

Destiny 2’s story is rumored to involve the exploits of an exiled Guardian named Osiris. Name sound familiar? The weekend PvP event, Trials of Osiris, is run by Guardians in his honor. Apparently, Osiris was sent off to Mercury where he established his own cult then disappeared, leaving only his creepy, yellow-garbed Disciple of Osiris to hang out in the Reef.

A story about Osiris would be in line with the rumors that players were originally intended to visit Mercury in the first Destiny. But if Mercury is the new setting in Destiny 2, that would finally give Guardians a chance to explore the planet’s sun-drenched surface outside of the PVP maps, and possibly give us more context for the unlockable Lighthouse area from the Trials of Osiris event. But as mentioned before, the setting and story are far from confirmed.

There are plenty of story points to pick up on

Destiny’s story may not have been as coherent as gamers might have hoped in Year One, but Year Two’s Taken King expansion showed that Bungie is fully capable of telling an engaging story and filling in narrative gaps. We expect to see Bungie addressing the major plot holes in upcoming installments, and the upcoming Destiny 1 DLC and Destiny 2 will be perfect platforms to give us the nitty gritty details on what’s become of some of Destiny’s most prominent characters.

As of now, the Queen of the Reef is unaccounted for, the Exo Stranger has yet to return, the Cabal Fleet is thought to be approaching our solar system, and we still really have no idea who or what the Traveler actually is. All those examples are just what we’ve seen in the game – we haven’t even touched the Grimoire stuff yet. It’s getting tough to keep up with all of the loose ends, so hopefully Bungie will use Destiny 2 to tie some of them up.


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