EA to reveal Titanfall 2 and other games on June 12


EA to reveal Titanfall 2, new Battlefield, and other games on June 12

EA has announced that its EA Play conference, which will take place instead of the company’s regular E3 presence, will take place on June 12-14. EA will use the Play event to unveil several highly-anticipated games, including Titanfall 2.

Unlike E3, EA Play will be open to the public, where its games will be playable to gamers. EA Play will be hosted at two locations: Los Angeles and London.

Tickets will be up for sale as we get closer to June on the main site. There will also be a variety of online streams for those who can’t attend — EA will be live-streaming its main press conference where it will unveil a bunch of games.

You can find the fill calendar of EA Play events here.

We’re expecting to see the next Battlefield game, rumored to be Battlefield 2143, the next Mirror’s Edge game, and of course, Titanfall 2, which will be coming to the PS4.

So far EA has only confirmed one game which will be showcased at the event: Titanfall 2.

E3 takes places in Los Angeles on June 14-16. EA Play in Los Angeles will be hosted at LA Live, which is just across the street from the LA Convention Center, which is the host of E3 2016.

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