EA Sports UFC 2 Beta Launches This Month


EA needs your help training up its upcoming return to the Octagon. UFC 2 will be going into beta at the end of this month.

The beta launches on January 28 and will run through February 4. In order to participate, you need to own an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 and own EA Sports UFC and register here

If you fit the bill, you have until January 21 to register for access. When it launches, you’ll be able to download the software, but it won’t be available for pre-load.

The beta will feature a number of features, including the inaugural season of UFC Ultimate Team. You won’t be playing through a career during the testing phase. 

EA Sports is including Quick Fight, Practice Mode, Skill Challenges with new mini-games, and the aforementioned Ultimate Team. If you’re interested and eligible, make sure you have 11 GB free on your hard drive.

Just know that your progress will not carry over to the retail version. You won’t get to keep your Ultimate Team or customized fighter for the full release on March 15 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

[Source: EA Sports]


Our Take
I’m curious how Ultimate Team is going to fare for this sport. The game mode and its related in-game purchases are a huge source of revenue for EA, but I’m not sure if UFC fans will flock to it quite as intensely as Madden and FIFA fans. As long as the feature is customized well for MMA and doesn’t feel shoehorned, I suspect EA stands to earn quite a bit from it.


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