Disney Infinity developer shuttered as franchise discontinued


Disney infinity figures

Yesterday evening, Disney Infinity fans received the shock of their life as the House of Mouse announced that they would be exiting the videogame publishing business while also closing Avalanche Studios, the primary developer behind their toys-to-life franchise, Disney Infinity.

This announcement comes just hours after the official Disney Infinity Twitter account said there would be a new Star Wars Play Set and figures launching later this year.

Senior Vice President and General Manager of Disney Infinity, John Blackburn addressed the somber news on the Disney Interactive website, thanking fans, Avalanche, Disney’s Glendale team, and their external development partners for their support.

The final additions to the Disney Infinity 3.0 lineup will be the upcoming play set based off Finding Dory in June, as well as three figurines based off Tim Burton’s Alice Through the Looking Glass this month.

Earlier this year, Disney announced that instead of releasing a brand-new entry in the Disney Infinity series like they’ve done the past three years, they would continue to expand upon the Disney Infinity 3.0 lineup with new figures and play sets.


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