Details about Fallout 4 “Survival mode” leak



A few players dug thought Fallout 4’s files and unearthed the “Survival” mode difficulty, and according to the data, it’s a pretty brutal mode to play Fallout 4 on.

The Survival mode will have no quick saves and no manual saves, the only way to save a game is to sleep in a bed.

But wait, it gets harder. Fast travel has been disabled, so you have to walk across the entire map, and to make things even more interesting, if you re-visit a previously cleared location you’ll find that enemies have re-spawned. And they now give out less loot.

But wait, it gets even harder. All limb injuries won’t automatically heal, so you’ll need to stock up on health packs.

And of course, all enemies will be tougher and deal more damage. And they won’t appear on the game’s compass.

That seems like a pretty hard way to play Fallout 4. And it might be even harder — these are just some of the details of the Survival mode. We’ll know more when Bethesda makes the official announcement.

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