Dark Souls 3 Guide Index


Dark Souls 3. The latest addition in a series of sweeping, epic RPGs with a famously steep difficulty curve – almost vertical, in fact. Following on the heels of Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3 is already being compared to Bloodborne, with a layered, gothic, hostile open world that’ll try to kill you at every turn. Over and over again. Will any of us ever be truly ready for it? Maybe not, but because you’re definitely going to need some help either way we’re already compiling some useful information to get you a head start.

In addition to some Dark Souls 101 guides for beginners, we’ll be continually adding more entries and info as we get to grips with Dark Souls 3, including breakdowns for the character classes, quick tips to give you a boost in the early stages of the game, effective combat techniques, and breakdowns to help you get through difficult areas and take down bosses. Be sure to keep checking back regularly.


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