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Attorney/client privilege.

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Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Taking a well-deserved break from the onslaught of Season 2 action (aside from the awesome skirmish at the beginning featuring Matt and Elektra besting the “not-Yakuza), “Regrets Only” nicely kept the Frank Castle story alive by having Matt and company agree to defend Frank from a death penalty-seeking/ass-covering Reyes. Reyes, who – so far – has acted like this season’s “big bad.” In a way. I’m sure my perception of this will change now that it’s been strongly hinted that The Hand is back, but in the very least she’s now the main adversary of Frank. You know, now that he knows that she worked very hard to make sure his family’s murder was utterly misrepresented under a pile of lies.

Matt wanting to help Frank avoid the death penalty, and then him and Karen talking Foggy into the plan, was a great moment. And a tremendous way to bring the Punisher story back into the mix. Having our main characters be risk-taking, altruistic (to a fault?) lawyers is kind of an amazing way to facilitate plot. Even the Elektra stuff, while sort of a side quest at the moment, still feels connected to everything because she’s – technically – Matt’s client. Though not one he’s ready to tell Foggy about just yet. Foggy, who I’m sure would have a s*** fit over it. Though, I’m not sure. Did Foggy know anything about Elektra other than she was Matt’s girlfriend? Does he know she’s reckless? Dangerous?

The Matt/Elektra gala heist of the Roxxon ledger was a fun, somewhat breezy time. Mostly it continued to establish their relationship by giving them both something cunning yet non-lethal to do. No hard choices had to be made. They could sort of act like the couple they once were. Things turned a bit dark right at the end when the switch was flipped and the previously buffoonish Mr. Hiroshi became a sinister death dealer. Killing the guards who failed him instead of cutting off their fingers (like they expected him to do).

Mostly though, Karen shined the brightest here. And I loved how Frank sort of latched onto her as the one person he wanted to talk to. He’d never revisited his house after his family’s murder and had more or less blocked out his memory of them due to the pain involved, so she helped him remember little details about his kids. And it was a superb scene. And one that also sort of hinted at what Karen’s own past holds. The past that she’s been super secretive about since the very beginning.

And then, of course, Frank’s decision to go to trial by pleading “not guilty” was a terrific moment. All so that Reyes’ secrets might have a chance of being revealed. Foggy and Karen tried to console him and gain his trust, but they wound up lighting a huge fire under his ass about how Reyes was someone who was tarnishing his family’s memory. And someone who may have also been responsible, somehow, for their deaths.

And while Matt’s usually absent for most of the legal stuff (due to being shot in the head or getting dragged off by Elektra), we did get to see him stand up to Reyes in this one. Yes, he actually got to play Foggy this time while Foggy spent most of this one being a bit hesitant about the entire Frank Castle crusade.


The Verdict

“Regrets Only” was perhaps the lightest episode of the season so far (we’re judging on an extreme curve here, okay?) as it brought Frank Castle back into the story as a new Nelson and Murdock client. Which not only helped humanize Frank even more, but also deepened the mysteries involved with Reyes’ attempts to cover everything up.

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