Dance Your Tail Off In Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat



Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat, the latest game by retro-loving gamedev duo RGCD, isn’t your typical arena shooter. It’s more of an avoid-em-up that has you navigating its single-screen levels while avoiding collisions with the oddly shaped wildlife.

Thankfully, you’re not entirely helpless. A tail made out of bullets trails behind you, killing everything it comes in contact with. The only way to progress is to fulfill your kill quota, so you have to aggressively dodge and swerve around your foes, which is very challenging indeed. Enemy spawners can be eliminated by looping around them, and hitting a certain kind of enemy charges a powerful, one-shot laser beam that can help you out of a tight spot. You need to be constantly on the move or it’s game over.

Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat is an excellent, quirky little game that can feel pretty punishing at first, but it has a lot to offer with with an arcade, endless, and even local multiplayer mode. It is also asking for some Greenlight love, so go ahead and give it a thumbs up if you like trippy arena shooters.

Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat is available for $4.99 on or Gamejolt. For more information on the game and developer RGCD, you can head to the game’s site or follow them on Twitter.


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