Cyberpunk platforming with Until I Have You


untilhaveyou.pngJames Spanos and Andrea Ferrara of Wormwood Studios, the devs responsible for post-apocalyptic adventure Primordia, have just released dark and beautiful platformer Until I Have You; a game that would feel right at home on the 1980’s super gaming machine that never existed. A stunningly pixelated, cleverly designed, story driven, occasionally gory and all around lovely action offering filled with unique ideas and supported by an atmospheric soundtrack.

Impressively, Until I Have You is literally stuffed with content too. It sports a dozen boss fights, over 60 baddies to kill, hundreds of finely illustrated and very deadly chasms, and what has to be thousands of animation frames. As for its story, well, it’s all about talented assassins, revenge and saving one’s loved ones. Exactly what one would expect from a retro-noir game then.

Until I Have You by James Spanos and Andrea Ferrara is out now for Windows and Linux on Steam.


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