Council of Crows declares: "The Sea Will Claim Everything". Adds: "Now on Steam!"


tswce.pngIt had been prophesied, but nobody really expected a day would come when a portal to the Lands of Dream would actually open on Steam. And yet, here’s a shiny new version of The Sea Will Claim Everything comfortably battling cynicism on Valve’s behemoth. It’s the very same game that topped our 2012 top lists only better and filled with more words, more puns, more books, more Easter eggs and a ton more Alchemificator recipes. Add in a bunch of achievements and you’ve got the definitive version of a wonderful, clever and potentially life changing game; helping a whimsical land stand and fight for its freedom via the magic of pointing and clicking at things is no small thing…

Oh, and do expect some of the best and at times funniest videogames writing by my dear friend Jonas Kyratzes (also responsible for the Talos Principle and the forthcoming Serious Sam 4), vibrant surreal illustrations by Verena Kyratzes, a wondrous soundtrack by Chris Christodoulou, and, as we’ve gotten into an expectant mood, do also expect to find out a bit more about the forthcoming Council of Crows. It has just appeared on Steam Greenlight trading its many charms and a trailer for votes and love.

The Sea Will Claim Everything by Jonas and Verena Kyratzes is out now for Windows on Steam and the Lands of Dream site.


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