Choose Your Warrior and Clear the Tiny Arenas of Jet Set Knights


Small knights have big problems in Jet Set Knights, a game inspired by the single-screen action of games like Snow Brothers, Bubble Bobble, and the original arcade Mario Bros. Enemies flood these screens, with goblins, ghosts, and spiky beasts all agitating the princess of each room, and the player needs to choose the best knight to deal with them. You can’t go wrong with any of them, though, as each can attack in a useful way, growing more powerful as you beat up the various unwanted critters and gain experience.

Going it alone may be difficult, so developer Fobti Interactive is looking to add a little local multiplayer for 2-4 players in a future update as the game moves through Early Access. In the meantime, someone has to get rid of the pants-wearing gorilla in the castle. It’s not just going to leave on its own.

Jet Set Knights is available for $9.99 on Steam Early Access. For more information on the game and Fobti Interactive, you can head to the game’s site, the developer’s site, or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Google +, and Twitter.

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