Chasing Aurora dev offers to port Undertale to Wii U



Yesterday Undertale developer Toby Fox tweeted to let fans know that he had been in talks with Nintendo about the potential for a Wii U release of Undertale. The unfortunate side of things is the game’s engine Game Maker doesn’t have an easy way to port to the Wii U, so the game would have to be re-written from scratch.

After that revelation on Twitter, Chasing Aurora developer Broken Rules tweeted Fox to let him know they’d be happy to work on bringing the game to Wii U. Previous Wii U ports under their belt include Guacamelee and Electric Super Joy.

Fox has yet to respond to Broken Rules’ offer, but in a previous tweet mentioned that he wouldn’t be opposed to the game being ported from Game Maker, his only concern is accuracy of the port and any bugs that may crop up. What do you think? Do you want to play this game on Wii U?

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