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Enter the Gungeon review

[ad_1] Game designers learn about this power early into their careers. The virtual gun remains the most useful tool in…


Grim Dawn Review

[ad_1] Grim Dawn is a fast-paced, gory, and loot-filled action RPG that deserves a spot among the greats of the…


Demolition Review

[ad_1] Share. What goes down must come up. By Max Nicholson Director Jean-Marc Vallée’s Demolition is the kind of indie…


Hardcore Henry review

[ad_1] One hot summer’s day as a young teen, I casually sauntered into our local computer shop. Sat in the…


Slain Review

[ad_1] A legendary warrior named Bathoryn has long been dead, with his coffin lying undisturbed in a dark dungeon. Subtle…


Into the Stars Review

[ad_1] I never could have guessed flying past that moon would have had such dire consequences. The Skorn were hot…


11.22.63: Series Finale Review

[ad_1] Share. “Teacher Kills Spy, Saves Kennedy!” And then…? By Max Nicholson Warning: Full spoilers for the 11.22.63 finale follow….


Dark Souls 3 Review

[ad_1] Dark Souls III is a game of valleys and peaks, down through dungeons and up over castle walls. It’s…


Samsung Galaxy S7 review

[ad_1] Last year, we applauded Samsung’s apparent willingness to listen to its critics and change the way it makes smartphones….