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Severed Review

[ad_1] Drinkbox Studios’ games all share a unique, rather dark sense of humor and very distinctive artistic flare. With Severed,…


12 Monkeys: "Primary" Review

[ad_1] Share. It seems we stood and talked like this before. By Christine Seghers Note: Warning: Full spoilers for the…


Alienation review

[ad_1] “Multiplier up.” That voice! That perfect Housemarque voice, so calm in the face of chaos, so endlessly assured. In…


Bastille Day Review

[ad_1] Share. Idris Elba stars in disappointing action-thriller. By Leigh Singer If you mess with Idris Elba, he will look…


The 100: "Demons" Review

[ad_1] Share. Latin is a killer language. By Eric Goldman Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below. This was almost…