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P.O.L.L.E.N Review

[ad_1] At their heart, adventure games are about delivering a narrative. They’re mechanically simple. At their most complex, they offer…


Elstree 1976 Review

[ad_1] Share. Stories by the actors behind Star Wars come together in a sweet, melancholy film. By Jared Petty Elstree…


The Family Fang Review

[ad_1] Share. Jason Bateman deals with a very different kind of wacky family in his latest directorial outing. By Josh…


Hitman Episode Two Review

[ad_1] The second episode of Hitman opens with Agent 47 lounging on a bench in the idyllic vacation destination, Sapienza….


Vinyl: Season 1 Review

[ad_1] By Matt Fowler Warning: Full spoilers for Season 1 of HBO’s Vinyl below. Vinyl roared in with an impressive…


Justice League #49 Review

[ad_1] Share. Who is the godliest god of them all? By Jesse Schedeen Justice League #49 brings the “Darkseid War”…


Containment: Episode 2 Review

[ad_1] Share. Slowly spreading… By Max Nicholson Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow. Containment’s second episode didn’t improve much…