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Bezier review

[ad_1] Bezier, despite the French title, lifted from the Renault employee Pierre Bzier, who in the 1960s helped teach computers…


Black Sails: "XXV" Review

[ad_1] Share. “My name is John Silver. And I’ve got a long f***ing memory.” By mattfowler Warning: Full spoilers for…


Emelie Review

[ad_1] Share. Sarah Bolger is the perfect evil babysitter in this horror film. By Josh Lasser Every parent will tell…


The Boy and the Beast Review

[ad_1] Share. A bond to withstand worlds. By Miranda Sanchez Director Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars, Wolf Children) crafts two worlds…


Heavy Rain Review

[ad_1] The first trophy you get after starting up Heavy Rain is one that thanks you for supporting interactive drama….