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Black Sails: "XXVII" Review

[ad_1] By Matt Fowler Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below. Black Sails’ penultimate Season 3 episode had all the…


Sheltered review

[ad_1] Sheltered has turned me into a child slaver. Sort of.. I mean, my children are regularly fed and watered….


EA Sports UFC 2 Review

[ad_1] Like its predecessor, EA Sports UFC 2 captures all the pomp and circumstance of Mixed Martial Arts’ biggest promotion….


Pokkén Tournament review

[ad_1] At the heart of Pokkn Tournament’s battle system is a change in perspective. To fully appreciate it, I needed…


The Division review

[ad_1] A week after the release of The Division, maybe we’re finally in a position to pin down exactly what…