Capturing Ghost Recordings Looks Better Than Ever With Sylvio Remastered



Sylvio was an eerie, unique experience, one that created fear using unsettling EVP recordings that had to be unscrambled to hear the frightening ghostly voices within. That experience of collecting those voices in the game’s foreboding environments has been given an entire visual overhaul by its developer, Stroboskop, creating a new look for the game’s strange environments in Sylvio Remastered.

This large visual update, which redoes the whole game in Unity 5, also comes with some enhancements to gameplay mechanics and controller support. Much has changed in the game, but those garbled whispers in the dark remain intact, still calling out to players from within the creepy red mists of the game’s haunted park. There is little quite like it in horror these days, and these tweaks help the game’s scary voice recordings really shine. Sylvio Remastered is a standout experience in fear, both for new players and for ones who’ve already tried the original before.

Sylvio Remastered is available for $12.99 on Steam, or is available as a free update for owners of the original Sylvio. For more information on the game and developer Stoboskop, you can head to the game’s site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.


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