Camouflage is Finally Coming to 'World of Tanks: Blitz' in Update 2.5

The upcoming 2.5 update will bring to World of Tanks: Blitz [Free] one of the most-request features, camouflage. For those who haven’t played the PC or console version, camouflage let’s you do two important things to your tank: improve its concealment and make it look bad-ass. While in terms of gameplay only the concealment bonus counts, it’s hard to deny how great it is to be able to improve your tank’s looks and avoid having battlefields populated by cookie-cutter tanks. There will be four main types of camouflage, summer, winter, desert, and universal. Winter camouflage is used on Winter Malinovka, Himmelsdorf, and Dead Rail maps, Desert camouflage is used on Desert Sands, Black Goldville, and Oasis Palms maps, Summer camouflage is used on all the remaining maps, and universal is, well, universal.

world of tanks blitz

The four types of camouflage are further divided by national and general camouflage types, which means that the camouflage will look differently on tanks of different nationalities. Adding camouflage to your tank will give you a 2% concealment bonus for heavy tanks, 3% for light and mediums and 4% for tank destroyers. It even stacks with Camo Net, which is good news if you’ve already spent the money buying that.

Each vehicle will have three camo slots (each for the different pattern type), and the camo will cost between 500-3000 credits depending on the tier of the vehicle. If you don’t like the camo pattern you bought, you’ll be able to sell it back for full price. Are you excited about the way the developers are adding Camouflage to the game? It should provide a small boost to tank destroyers by making them a bit harder to spot, but I think the biggest change will be making the battlefields look more interesting. Expect the update to hit very soon.