Bring Nuclear Disaster With Your Curiosity in MINUTEMAN



An abandoned fallout shelter is not the best place for a kid to be screwing around, but in free Twine game MINUTEMAN, you can’t let a little danger get in the way of your curiosity. Although you should, as puttering around the old shelter and fiddling with the equipment there can lead to some catastrophic events if you’re not careful. And how many children are careful when presented with a bunch of neat stuff to play with and no adult to tell them no?

No matter who makes them, in MINUTEMAN, mistakes made out of curiosity still carry great weight. Consequences do not care who brought them about. Simple play turns grave and dark during the course of the game, showing how quickly lives can turn from the simplest unintended actions. At times playful, at others dark, MINUTEMAN is an unsettling look at the dangerous things we leave carelessly unguarded against childhood curiosity.


MINUTEMAN is available for free on Itch.io. For more information on the game and developer Nebulaic Toaster, you can head to the developer’s site or follow them on Twitter. You can also donate to the developer’s Patreon.


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