Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (May 12, 2016)


It’s been a good week of blogging for the herd, though I’m surprised there weren’t more blogs about the fire cat and owl Nintendo unleashed upon the world this week. Oh, but I do expect some Uncharted blogs to come our way next week with the series’ final game out.  

Community Blogs For May 5 – May 11:   

Top 5 Villains That Make You Want to Kill Them… 
StarterPack has a pretty good list of baddies here. Handsome Jack alone is worthy of all five slots (really, that dude is just one big jerk with a dash of nasty). What are some other villains that really grind your gears?  

Five Games I’d Like To See Given The Remaster Treatment 
Rebekah Lang writes about the ever divisive topic of remasters. If nothing else, the remaster give new players the chance to try out a game they may have missed out on. At best, new modes, a shiny coat of paint, and some updates here and there present the game in a new, enjoyable manner.  

In Appreciation of Albion 
Craigaleg is going to break hearts with this blog reliving the glory days of the Fable series. He writes it best, describing the game’s world as, “What made Fable stand out…not the gameplay or its story, but the world of Albion and the overall charm that it possessed. A living, breathing world that felt like it continued even after my console was turned off.” I want that world again. I’m going to miss you, Albion.  

The 10 Best Women in the Legend of Zelda Franchise that aren’t Zelda 
Haley Shipley writes how the Zelda franchise “may not be filled with female representation, but the representation that is there is normally pretty good.” Impa has, and always will be, one of my favorite video game characters, so I’m glad she makes it on this list.  

Fun while it lasted (Overwatch Beta) 
Jenniferttookewl admits that Overwatch is one of the best shooters she’s ever played, but that doesn’t mean she’ll throw 60 bones at it. Read this brief blog to find out why she won’t pay the dollars necessary for some great shootin’.   

Big Launches…but That Pokemon Though! 
Brendon Curzio isn’t concerned with this week’s big releases. Instead, it’s all about a cute dino with a plant bulb on its back and his hundreds of buddies. The new Pokemon games were announced to much fanfare this week, causing an uproar and celebration of the revealed starters and legendaries.  

Writing Challenge Responses:  

Community Writing Challenge: When Video Games Meet Social Issues
GerardoExber writes about a number of games that tackle social issues, but it is perhaps the Persona series that does it best. While not every game needs to be about more than a plumber stomping on evil turtles (which is really symbolism about the joys of communism and class subservience), when done well, I’ll happily accept those stories.  

Community Writing Challenge:  

When a series ends, a lot of feelings come out. Uncharted is officially over. How does that make you feel? How do you feel or cope with any end of a series? Should some series have already taken a bow? Let me know in your next blog!  

Community Playdate:   

None this week. Check back next week.  

I hope you enjoy the blogs! Please contact me via my Game Informer page or on Twitter at @LouisGarcia12 with any blog news or playdate suggestions.


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