Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Jack the Ripper DLC review


Ubisoft’s announcement that it would adapt the murders of Jack the Ripper into a rip-roaring epilogue for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate rose some eyebrows. How would the developer handle the gruesome murders? Would you play as Jack during them? After Syndicate’s solid main storyline and well-written cast of characters, it was a risky swansong to take on.

For other franchise fans, it was an extremely attractive prospect. Assassin’s Creed devotees have been asking for Jack the Ripper since the series’ earliest entries, and when Syndicate’s main campaign was set in Victorian London some 20 years earlier, many saw it as a missed opportunity. Ubisoft has instead decided to save this unhappy tale for an add-on all of its own, billed as the highlight of Syndicate’s season pass.

Jack the Ripper’s story stretches over some 10 missions, although it is initially disappointing to see that there are no new districts added to London’s map. As is to be expected, the missions are largely situated in Whitechapel, where the Ripper’s murders took place: an already well-trod locale in the main game. Both this district and the City of London are populated with new activities, but the rest of London is locked off. The DLC’s geography is almost identical, then, albeit with a new dusting of Victorian snow and Ubisoft collectibles, the latter unlocking more information on the Assassin’s Creed storyline (such as what happened in the modern day after Syndicate’s all-guns-blazing finale).

Thankfully, an early feeling of repetition is broken up by some later excursions outside of London: to a Cotswolds manor house, a Great Expectations-esque marsh in the Thames estuary, and a final, more familiar location where the story culminates. The missions which explore these fresh areas are the highlights, although there is much to enjoy throughout, as the story reintroduces an older Evie Frye as its protagonist – well voiced again by Victoria Atkin, in another throaty performance – alongside the increasingly desperate Inspector Frederick Abberline.